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The Antidote - EP


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If the Habit Disappears If the habit disappears - safety is no more Times are changing and you think - you're Not a part You stare to heaven but there's no lord The most important thing is your beatin' heart Take a look inside of you - there's your home don't waste your time you don't need no one - anyhow you're the one who knows what's best for you never surrender - you're always true
Antidote 03:07
Antidote So we all learned basic things to live for to be anti-racist and against the goverments' wars We boycott the yellow press We wanna look behind that superficial truth Its gonna be a mess They try to fool me and youth That fucking panic mongering we hate so much For breakfast, for dinner and for lunch And now the serious media does it the same way It's gettin' worse every fucking day Some one like you destroys good sense and hope Yeah, we need Antidote We'll never believe in something like it does with our minds We hate it like we hate the folks who call the press a lie They write every single day about the terror thread The news feels like the only terror in the peoples heads They write like we have to count our days of being free But this will never justify the way some gullible readers gonna be
Decisions Battle Friendship, Love, Goals and high treason That's what life is all about Like a cheap eve's series So nearly clearly mysterious Our bodies real within our Minds But our hearts follow another gain You share a common point of view But are you really like the one next to you Decisions Battle Sometimes there happens a little thing But it destroys more than you think A Decisions Battle is starting up Starting up, starting up, starting up The answer's so easy like the question is Are you a friend or a stupid egoist Can you take me as i am Cause nothing worthwile ignoring individual aims Decisions Battle - there's no way out Decisions Battle - shout it out loud Decisions Battle - can't be won Decisions Battle - by no one
Rise up Back to Youth The things you now feel ashamed about were the moments where you were living Now you talk how to live Rock and Roll, Skinhead, Punk, whatever - I won't listen Born to lose means Born to make mistakes So go away and eat my shit And if I say one day I am sorry I will hate myself for it - I will hate myself for it I just speak my mind I will never apologize That's how to rise up back to youth I just speak my mind like no one's around to judge me That's how to rise up back to youth You either got it or you got it Not Knowledge second, heart on tongue first I'd rather have someone insulted than set me off to burst I run my fucking mouth like I - I don't know how to lie And I will do so, you stupid motherfucker Until the day I die - until the day I die


Antidote (Music Video) youtu.be/WLMoF6lg7Ko


released August 13, 2021


all rights reserved



MIRROR MONKEYS Marburg, Germany

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